Louver Kit Direct

Louver Kit Direct package

Louver Kit Direct is the brainchild of Joe and Jou. Two ordinary DIY guys who built a louvered gazebo in their backyards and loved the product so much, they bought the company! Not!

But what they did do, was to get in touch with the manufacturer of the FLEXfence product and see if they could become resellers of the product. And their DIY work ethic spilled over into their marketing plan: no-frills corrugated packaging, volume discounts and free shipping.

If you end up being a customer, Thanks!

We hope you end up loving the product as much as they did. And send us photos of your louvered projects: louvered pergolas, louvered fences, louvered enclosures or your louvered deck railings. We'd love to share them on our social channels and would love to showcase them on LouverKitDirect.com

And enjoy the moment, once your louvered project is done.
These days, that's what it's all about.

Good health.
Great Peace.